Benice Mini Slimming Massager Machine – Vibration Weight Loss Belt for Effective Slimming


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Power Source: Battery / USB

Pack Includes: USB cable

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100 in stock


  • Versatile massage function for various body parts
  • Deep muscle penetration for effective pain relief
  • Portable and sleek design for on-the-go use
  • Multi-functional usage for massage and relaxation therapy

How to Use

1. Choose your preferred power option (USB or battery).

2. Turn on the handheld massager.

3. Select the desired intensity level.

4. Apply the massager to the desired body part and move in circular motions.

5. Use the free head massager for additional relaxation benefits.


  • Dual power options provide flexibility
  • Powerful vibration for deep muscle penetration
  • Portable design for convenience
  • Free head massager included for added benefits
  • Versatile usage for various body parts


  • May not be as powerful as professional massage tools
  • Battery option may require frequent replacements
  • Some users may find the vibration intensity too strong


1. Can this handheld massager be used on sensitive areas such as the face?

Yes, this handheld massager can be used on sensitive areas with caution and gentle pressure.

2. How long should I use the massager for each session?

It is recommended to use the massager for 10-15 minutes per session and to take breaks in between.

3. How often should I replace the batteries in the handheld massager?

The frequency of battery replacement will depend on usage, but it is recommended to replace batteries when the power starts to weaken for optimal performance.

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