Double Head Full Body Massager – Versatile Massage Tool for Complete Relaxation


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Portable and lightweight

Incremental speed-dial adjustment

Rotational speed up to 2500 RPM

Rubber hand grip

Material: ABS

Fat burning portable massager

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49 in stock

Technical Description:

Dimensions: 12 inches x 5 inches x 5 inches

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Power Source: Electric

Rotational Speed: Adjustable


  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Rotational massaging action
  • Powerful and quiet operation
  • Versatile use on various body parts
  • Slimming, toning, and relaxing benefits

How to Use:

  1. Plug in the Relax & Tone Mambo body massager.
  2. Select the desired rotational speed.
  3. Apply the massager to the targeted area of the body.
  4. Move the massager in a circular motion for a few minutes.
  5. Adjust speed and pressure as needed for comfort.


  • Portable and easy to handle
  • Effective in soothing aching muscles
  • Versatile for use on different body parts
  • Slimming and toning benefits
  • Quiet operation for relaxation


  • May not be suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions
  • Limited battery life
  • Some users may find the massager too powerful on high speeds


Can the Relax & Tone Mambo body massager be used by individuals with sensitive skin?

It is recommended to test the massager on a small area of skin before full use, especially for those with sensitive skin.

How often should the massager be used for optimal results?

For best results, use the massager for 10-15 minutes per session, a few times a week.

Is the massager suitable for use by pregnant women?

Pregnant women should consult with a healthcare provider before using the massager to ensure safety.

Can the rotational speed be adjusted during use?

Yes, the rotational speed can be adjusted using the control buttons on the massager for personalized comfort.

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