ABC Quiet Book

Kidma is thriving hard to keep your kids away from screen. Are you ready to play your part?
Solution is simple. Get one of our interacting quiet books and it will keep your kid away feom screen. Mothers report that these books miraculously keep kids busy. Now what is ABC quiet book?

ABC Quiet book interacts with kids and help them learn while playing. It promotes their fine motor and cognitive skills. According to a research, kids who have more than r hours screen time are more likely to get depress.

Teaching is my passion and I always wanted to provide better learning opportunities to Kids. I was too young to be a teacher. So I decided to bring Quiet books that are an important source of learning in developed countries.

Quiet books are felt made books loaded with activities that enhance kids’ cognition and fine motor skills. The good news is These items will not expire in a year or two. As kids grow, they get better understanding of these concepts. HENCE LEARNING NEVER STOPS.

Even the younger brother, sister or cousin can also use these mats and books.

Now KidMa is proudly presenting ABC book in lowest possible prices with excellent quality. This book not only helps kids understand and recognise alphabets but also develop fine motor and cognitive skills in them.

Activities included in ABC Book are,

1. puzzles
2. Sorting
3. Buckling up
4. Color matching
5. Tie a shoelace
6. Counting
7. Tell the time
8. buttoning
9. Shape matching
10. Recognizing objects
11. Laundry
12. Brushing teeth
13. Weaving


Size: 9*9 inches
Material: Felt (washable)
Activities: 26 (pages 14)
Customised cover

I am literally cutting profits to make these books available to everyone. Are you willing to go beyond and get these books for your kids?

Let’s make our kids shine in the crowd.
Inbox at the page to get one. 🙌

2,500.00 3,000.00


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